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Faceted Search Name Survey

Most people have interacted with faceted search on e-commerce sites and other catalog-based interfaces, selecting different options to filter for.

“Facets” is a term referring to a method of metadata management where different descriptive concepts are stored as separate data points, rather than in a branching tree structure. “Faceted search” refers to the interface allowing searchers to select different options, and is of course dependent on the data available in the various fields being searched.

We recognize that “faceted search” may not be plain language, so we appreciate your input on selecting a term for our new feature that will be easily understandable by everyone, regardless of previous experience with the concept.

This feature will likely be added to the Display Overview page in the Admin Center as a new section.

Use this form to share your feedback on what should be the name of this feature. Thank you.

A red asterisk (*) indicates a required field.

Choose your name preference from the options listed below: *